Still working...


With an extended background in video production, in particular in advertising and documentary making, Alejandro Negueruela has always had an inclination for storytelling, creative narratives and fiction in general.

He wrote his first short stories on a Brother typewriter he got for his birthday when he turned 15. The typewriter, or the identity of the person who provided it, are lost to memory.

After moving to the UK, writing in English seemed both exciting and challenging, equal parts, but so much of both that he couldn’t resist it.

Alejandro has finished writing his first novel, All those followers, a murder mystery around OnlyFans creators, and first of a series that will have for title The Lion and a Half. He is currently working on a standalone thriller with the working title The Mark, and plans to start working on the second instalment of The Lion and Half after that, this time focusing on the world of marathon runners and gym-goers.