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My name is Gerry Potter

“My Name is Gerry Potter” is a portrait of Liverpool born Gerry Potter. Poet, performer, playwright, author and all the other things that make Gerry a star. The documentary takes the audience on a journey through work, his favourite landmarks, childhood memories, the Liverpool gay scene and Manchester’s Canal Street. At times controversial, Gerry’s work is brave and nothing is sacred, his friends and collaborators share their memories of Gerry and his work.

A day in the life of a goat judge

Follow Steve, a goat judge, during his visit to the goat show in Forfar, Scotland, and learn first hand what being a goat judge means.

Diana Taylor – Studio

Visit Diana Taylor in her studio in Victoria Park.

Of People and Black Holes

Christine Jackob-Marks invites us to her house and to her studio, where she will talk about her current interest in black holes as a subject, as well as the old controversy about her project for the Holocaust Museum in Berlin.

A fete worse than death

“A Fete worse than Death” was a unique outdoor art exhibition that took place at the crossroads of Charlotte Road and Rivington Street, in Shoreditch, London, curated by Darren Coffield (artist), Alice Herrick (artist and director of Herrick Gallery) and Sam Walker (artist and co-director at CHART gallery). Coffield spent four years compiling a biography ‘Factual Nonsense, The Art And Death Of Joshua Compston’ on his art school friend, to whom the exhibition was dedicated on the 20th anniversary of his death.


Olivier Garbay welcomes us to his show NOWNOW, A show about now.

Good vibes only

Laur Novac had to rethink his business approach as a personal trainer when the pandemic hit and gyms closed their doors.